Welcome to my Rant Site. This is Where I Rant About the Sorry State of Our Country.

After years of screaming at the TV, arguing with liberals and just plain getting depressed about loosing the wonderful America I knew most of my life, I finally decided to do something about it.  Yes, this site may be a futile effort.  But at least I am doing what little I can in the scarce time I can find when I am not working long hard hours paying for an unaccountable, criminal government.

PigaAndPatriotLogo3It is clear our government has been making promises for a long time that they can not keep. But they do not care because all they do care about is what can the Country do for them, not what they can do for the Country.  Every time I hear politicians call themselves public servants I cringe. For the most part, I can not think of a thing I have ever seen a politician do that was purely selfless. However, there are very few politicians currently on the scene that have shown the courage to stand up for the rights of the American people.

However, President Donald Trump is like no other politician in our history. Whatever you think or feel about Mr. Trump, his courage and work ethic shames that of any politician in our lifetime. Thankfully he is also on the side of Americans that believe in truth and an interpretation of the Constitution as intended by the Founders. 

That being said, it is time for the people he is fighting for to join the fight and follow his lead. We must fight for an honest and accountable government. Perhaps the biggest obstacle to making government accountable is the media.  The reason the media is so important is the power it wields. The media has the power to persuade voters and politicians.  But the media has become so corrupt it must be brought to its knees. 

It is my goal here to do whatever I can to stop the corrupt media the only way we can.  We must remove its revenue base. I propose we do this by boycotting its advertisers. If we focus on one media at a time we will be most effective. Therefore I propose we boycott the advertisers of CNN. When CNN is financially broken, we do the same to MSNBC. If the others do not get the message and stop lying, we continue to go after other mass media and even internet media.

Depending on the product, it will not take that many people boycotting for them to notice.  For example, Marcedes Banz sells about 39,000 cars a year.  At an average price of about $51,000. that is almost 2 billion dollars a year.  Just 1,000 fewer sales is a loss of 2.5%! If we got 10,000 people to buy let’s say a Lexus or Cadillac instead of a Mercedes, that would be a loss of over half a billion dollars! For products such as Kellogs, it would take a lot more people to boycott. But a recent boycott against Kellogs by just Brietbart readers has created massive stock plunges and layoffs for the company.  I have also noticed at our local Supermarket, Kellogs is buying endcaps. 

I believe if we can be effective with one, the others will quickly fall in line.  So let’s get started. I will be adding a contact page shortly where anyone who can help track the advertisers on CNN can give me a list.  Then I will post the list on this page.