An Open Letter to My Representative in the US House

Dear Representative Marino. Thank you for your efforts to stand up and be heard on issues like Term limits, and more transparency with food stamp program among others. Now it is time for the heavy lifting.

The president has now broken Article II, Section 3, Clause 5 of the Constitution about 27 times at last count. Meanwhile, I am told that if the Republicans file articles of impeachment it would be so unpopular that they will loose seats and assure a Democratic majority. Well, we in effect have that right now because none of you will do your job and challenge the President the way the Constitution says you should. So it wouldn’t make any difference if all 435 members of the House were Democrats.

Unfortunately you and the Republicans are complicit with the President in his crimes against the American people as you all stand by and do nothing. It is your job to be the balance of power. While the conventional wisdom is the media will use impeachment proceeding against the Republicans, I do not believe doing nothing will strengthen your position either. In fact, I think if you made both Democrats and Republicans stand up and be counted as to whether they want to continue to allow the President to to violate Article II, Section 3, Clause 5 of the Constitution you may be surprised at the results.

I believe even the most biased media will find it hard to make a case in favor of the President ruling by fiat like a king or dictator. However, as things stand now I might as well sit home through the next election and not even vote. Because if you and the Republicans continue to sit there and do nothing, it will make no difference whether I vote or not. Too bad there is no one in the House with the patriotism and concern for our Country like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul.  While these men know they will not win most if any of their fights in the near future, they will continue to chip away at the ignorance America and maybe someday change the world.  And what do they have to loose?  Apparently they care more about the American people than loosing their fat, cushy jobs in Washington.

The Problem with TV News May Be Madison Avenue

Until recently, there was at least one TV news channel that actually was fair and balanced.  I don’t think I have to tell you who that is. But now, there is no channel where you can hear anything that is not at least slanted to the left.  Everyone knows the “Main Stream Media” which should really be called dinosaur media because their day has long gone, is and has always been liberal. But now Fox News has finally started moving into self destruct mode by slanting their programming to the left. They must think we’ll still watch if they stay just to the right of CNN.  They are completely out of touch, just like the criminals running our government in Washington.

It started several years ago when Glenn Beck starting telling the truth. Being a veteran of the advertising industry including owning an advertising agency and radio station, I can tell you it is all about money. It’s not brain surgery. The advertisers pulled off the Glenn Beck Show because Fox News was taking a financial hit. They wouldn’t get rid of one of the top shows on cable TV unless they were loosing money.

So how does one of the tops hows on cable TV loose money? The advertising industry is one of the most staunch bastions of liberalism on the planet and they decided to get rid of Glenn Beck by pulling all the shows advertisers.  You may ask, how the advertisers let them do that? That is because you do not know the advertising industry like I do. While I love advertising, I have no respect for the industry. Because of the intangible nature of the business, it is rife liars.  That’s right, I said it. Some of the biggest and most powerful people in the industry are liars. They will tell anyone anything because they have gotten away with it for hundreds of years.

So, the advertising agencies on Madison Avenue did what they do best and did a sell job on their clients convincing them that ratings or not, Glenn Beck is harming their brand.  Now I believe they are doing it to Fox News.  Why else would the number one Cable TV News channel by far shake up their programming like they have a week or two ago.  They moved Sean Hannity who is one of the most conservative shows on the channel to a later slot and replaced him with a relatively unproven personality in Megan Kelly. Meanwhile everyone knows Bill O’reilly is the real power on the channel only after Rupert Murdoch himself and he is as wishy washy as they get on Fox.  Now we see Fox News Sunday’s round table is nothing but liberals and Progressive Republicans. The most seen Fox News contributors these days are Progressives like Karl Rove.

That is why I have replaced my TV viewing with listening to Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh on the radio.  The rest of my news is found on the internet where it is not filtered by pandering, agenda driven news media.  I understand Fox News is a business, so I do not condemn them for doing what they believe they need to do for their own survival.  But I will be watching as little as possible and boycotting advertisers who support what I consider media that supports Anti-Americanism such as MSNBC, NBC News, CNN, CBS News and ABC News.

If you feel the way I do, please visit these sites and exercise your freedom of speech like they did with Glenn Beck.


Govornment Shutdown, PLEASE!

All the dire warnings about a government shutdown is just another tactic of  “big government” politicians to scare uninformed Americans that the world will come to an end if we do not let them continue to transfer our wealth to them.  The term. government shutdown is a lie in itself because the truth is the Government does not shutdown.  All essential services performed by the government continue as described by the Anti Deficiency Act (ACA)  The ACA defines the difference between essential and non-essential government workers.

TrainOffCliffDo you remember the shut downs in 1995 – 1996?  Now, do you remember the world coming to an end? What do you remember?  Well, about 800,000 non-essential employees were furloughed.  For the rest of us which is about 99.75% of the country, life went on as usual.  So what about these non-essential employees.  They got furloughed.  What does that mean? That means they got a 28 day paid vacation because when the shutdown was over, they got their pay retroactively.  WHAT! That’s right, they get a 28 day paid vacation. It’s nice to be part of the ruling class.

Finally, this begs the question, in times like these, when our country is going broke, (in reality we are broke because we are creating money out of thin air) why the hell do we have non-essential workers in the first place.  In the 1995 – 1996 shutdown, the normal White House staff of about 200 was reduced to about 30.  That was enough staff for the President and his family, his cabinet, and all of his official responsibilities to be taken taken care of.

Instead of the constant lies from Washington about pending disaster, I say let’s shut this criminal enterprise called the United States Government down to size permanently. Then, with the boot heal of government off the neck of free enterprise, we will return to the greatest and most prosperous nation in the history of the World.

Scared of Obama Care Yet?

If you don’t think it is important to stop Obama Care any way you can, then you have not yet gotten a letter from your insurance company telling you your insurance will be cancelled.  That is what my wife and I got yesterday.  We received a letter from our insurance company, Highmark Blues Shield of Pennsylvania telling us our insurance will be cancelled as of January 31.  However, we may resubmit an application for a new policy.  When we looked at the options offered by Highmark, the cheapest one was twice what we have been paying over the past year.

Since we could barley afford the premium we have been paying, even with the high deductable, the new options at twice the price are completely unaffordable.  Being in our early 60’s we are frankly scared to death.  If the only insurance we can afford is Obama Care, we are not yet sure if I can keep my doctor whom I have had for 26 years, and concerned that Obama Care will not allow me to even get certain services because of my age.

If that is not enough, my wife and I operate an advertising agency.  Our agency depends on small businesses for our customers.  While we have been bucking a dramatic downturn in our industry as result of small businesses being destroyed by government created uncertainty.  In the next couple of weeks, as small businesses start to get the same kind of notification their insurance companies, we are worried sick that there will be almost no business left in our industry.

So, if you are not scared yet, you will be, especially if you are over 60 and own a small business.  Yes, Obama is transforming the United States and YES, he is getting even like he promised the evening before the 2012 election.

Is Obama’s Syrian Threat the Spark for World War?

Now that President Obama shot off his mouth, is this country going to let this incompetent president drag us into what could potentially be Armageddon?  The President may have been able to get away with shooting his mouth off about domestic matter where a criminal liberal media will do whatever it takes to cover for him.  But the rest of the world knows the truth, that Obama is incompetent.

Even though Obama wants to attack in order to save face, he is afraid to without international support.  So now, if the US doesn’t attack the Syrian Leader, Bashir Assad, it would establish the US as weak.  However, if the US does attack, what will Syria and it’s allies do?

johnmccainThen we have John McCain and Linsey Graham not only covering for this incompetent President, but they want a bigger war!  They said a military strike should be part of a broader strategy in Syria, not simply a random attack to punish the Regime.  What really scares me about these guys is how sure they are that their way it the solution. I believe the truth is, there are so many moving parts, no one but God knows what the right solution is.

This makes me think about what Dwight Eisenhower said about beware of the industrial military complex.  I wonder if McCain or Graham have friends who could financially benefit from a war? Or, are they so arrogant to think they have the solution to the mess Obama made?

It is well known that if you carry a loaded gun and have to pot it at someone, you have to be ready to kill.  What Obama wants to do is slap Assad’s hand with a few missiles.  Oh, and he’s telling the world what he is thinking so the enemy can prepare. Is it any wonder the world does not want to ally with the US under Obama? Is it any wonder the world, including our enemies have no respect for the United States?

Sometimes, I think Mr. Obama needs to take the old adage “don’t just stand there, do something” and do the opposite, “don’t just do something, stand there.”  The best advice I’ve heard was from Sarah Palin who said


“let Allah sort it out.”

The Case for Defunding Obama Care

There are legitimate mechanisms for balancing the powers in the United States.  The purpose of these balance of powers is to keep the government in check, and from becoming a tyrannical government. I believe Article II of the Constitution, Section 3, Clause 5  of the constitution as it is written in Wikipedia, makes it clear the President has no power to unilaterally change a law or any part of a law that the house and Senate has passed.  Therefore, the President has the responsibility to take care of carrying out the law.  This is also sometimes called the Take Care Law which say’s the president must execute the law faithfully. It does not say the president has the right to change the law in any way.  But the President is changing the law in a very fundamental way by deferring the employer mandate another year, while upholding the private mandate. According to Article II of the Constitution, Section 3, Clause 5 it is clearly explained that any change in the law must be voted on by Congress.  Based on this over-reaching of the Executive branch, it is not only the right, but the duty of the opposition party to utilize any powers it has to stop what it considers to be against the best interest of the country.

The power of the US House of Representative not to fund Obama Care is one of the powers given that body to be used in the case of over reaching by another branch.  The reason for this kind of “power check” is to make it hard for tyrants such as kings or dictators to thwart the will of the people.  When the congress passes a law, it is the law of the people through their representatives.  The president only has the power and the “duty” to carry out the law.  Further it could be concluded the Supreme court also changed the law.  When Justice Roberts swung the decision by redefining a key portion of the law “as written and passed by a vote of the house and senate” from being a penalty to a tax, that was a fundamental change to the law with respect to the how it was presented to the people by their elected legislators.  The Supreme Court had absolutely no power to change the definition.  But since a penalty for not purchasing health insurance would be a blatant violation of our freedom to choose, the court had to redefined it as a tax, to uphold the law, sighting certain precedents as support.

Therefore, the US House of Representative has the duty to tell the President he can not alter the bill.  Either he has to implement it as passed or they will not fund any portion of it.  Allowing the President to unilaterally alter laws passed by congress creates precedent for future tyrants to ignore laws as written by our legislatures.